Haus Schönblick
Familie Oelke

Kellermatten 5a
79415 Bad Bellingen

Tel.: 07635 1819
Fax: 07635 9253

Welcome to our apartment house "Schoenblick"

Bad Bellingen-Bamlach
is located between Freiburg (Germany), Basel (Switzerland) and Mulhouse (France). Our area is also known as the "German Tuskany" because of the many sunny days.

In and around our guesthouse you will find comfortable vacation apartment and a huge garden with pool and breath-taking views.

Bad Bellingen with its famous Black Forest climate can be enjoyed all year: fruit trees in spring, forests with shadow and exceptional panoramic views in summer, wine fests in fall and our hot spring therm in winter. A sun bathing area with 5.000m² starts right behind our house...

Family Oelke

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